It gives us great pleasure to support couples in making the big commitment of getting married. We are pleased you are considering any of our churches to make your marriage vows in front of your family and friends and most importantly in the presence of God.

There is a whole team of people ready and waiting to welcome, help and work with you to prepare your wedding service in church.

Organist and choir, bell ringers, flower arrangers, clergy and cleaners. By making sure everything goes off without a hitch, we are all dedicated to making your wedding day as good as it possibly can be.

Here are some questions people ask about getting married in church.

2Q: Who can get married at any of the Penwith Pilgrim churches?

A: You can, if one of you:

– Live or have ever lived in the parish of St Just or Pendeen with Morvah.

– Were baptised or confirmed in St Just, Pendeen or Morvah.

– Have ever regularly gone to church at St Just, Pendeen or Morvah.

– Have parents who have lived in the parish in your lifetime.

– Have parents who have ever regularly gone to any of our churches.

– Have parents or grandparents who were married in any of our churches.

If these don’t apply to you, please speak to our vicar, as it may still be possible to be married in the church, or to arrange a blessing in church after a civil wedding.


Q: Do you have to have been baptised to get married in church?

A: No.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: £602. There is a basic legal fee of £531 (in 2024) that is set by parliament and applies to all marriages held in Church of England churches, a fee of £36 for having your banns of marriage read and a verger’s fee of £35. There are certain add-ons if you wanted them such as heating (£50), an organ fee (£60), and bellringers at St Just (£30).


Q: What if I am divorced?

A: It is still sometimes possible to get married in church, so please talk to our vicar.


Q: What happens next?

A: If you are interested in getting married in church, or just want to know more call our vicar Karsten. He will meet with you to set a date, and then as the day approaches, he will help you to plan the service, hymns and readings. The Church of England has produced a very helpful resource that might help you with those decisions.

Whether your wedding is in church or not, we think marriage is wonderful and important, and will help and support you before your wedding and all through your life together.

Penwith Pilgrims